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Harness energy from the most powerful power source in our solar system

Iconic Solar is one of the innovative solar power retailers in Victoria with a commitment to provide clean and efficient energy. Our drive to provide clean and renewable energy stems from our love and care for the environment we live in. So, we always endeavour to help homes, businesses, schools and government organisations to make the right choice for them and the environment when it comes to choosing a suitable energy source.

173,000 terawatts of solar energy strike the Earth at any given moment

But globally we only use 15 terawatts of energy and that too is powered by fossil fuels. We are here to help everyone reduce their carbon footprint with powerful solar panels and solar battery storage. Join the green revolution today!
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We are a team led by a highly experienced Sales manager who has been in the solar industry for more than 10 years and successfully helped over 1500 customers to fulfilled their solar needs.


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