Solar Energy for Homes

The green revolution has begun and the question is where your home is ready for it. As more and more of us are moving towards cleaner ways of living, homes across Australia need a smart solution that helps achieve clean energy solutions.


Iconic Solar helps homes up and down Australia to make the green shift with ease and confidence. Our solar panels are designed to last a lifetime, giving you the added assurance of reliability and zero maintenance cost.


As part of our green initiative, we work closely with the Victorian government to help homes across the state convert into greener renewable energy. Please call our friendly team to discuss more how the Victorian government help you fund the shift.


Be Bright with Iconic Energy

Sell your access energy to the national grid
Various funding options available
Excellent customer service
World-class solar panels with the latest technology
Hassle-free installation
10 years warranty
25 years performance warranty
Excellent customer service

Clean Energy for Businesses


Solar Energy is Ideal For

shopping centres
Medical centres

Running a carbon neutral business is not easy. Iconic Solar helps you achieve just that with irresistible business solar energy plans for businesses across Victoria. Our expert consultant will assess your business’s energy needs and work out a plan for how you can transform your energy supply to pure renewable solar energy.


Whether you want to the green shot in one go, or want to make a gradual transition, we are here to help you get there whatever your plan is. As a business, we understand the difficulties you face every day and that’s why our engineers are particularly sensitive to your operational needs.


There are various funding options available for businesses to help them start reducing their carbon footprint. The state government has quite a several options available for businesses. Please speak to one of our experienced consultants to see how your business can benefit from a little extra help.


Solar Energy Storage

A vital component of any energy source is the element of having to be able to store the energy that is being generated. In the case of solar energy, a battery stores the electricity that is being generated through the solar panels.


However, as with time, most electronic batteries wear out and may require replacement to give optimal performance. Even if you did not install the panel from us, we can still help you upgrade, replace or sometimes repair your worn-out solar batteries.


We only use the finest quality batteries in today’s market. The carefully selected manufacturers maintain an excellent performance and quality rate so that you do not have to worry about the performance later on. If you would like to know more information about solar batteries, please call our friendly team to discuss how we can help.


How Our Batteries are Special

Source only from the world’s best manufactures
A minimum performance warranty period
Exceptional quality and value
Easy to install
Long life
We are a team led by a highly experienced Sales manager who has been in the solar industry for more than 10 years and successfully helped over 1500 customers to fulfilled their solar needs.


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